BriKel Boutique

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” I have personally experienced this and truly believe that if you embrace this, you can find joy and happiness. 

Hi, I am Angela Weber, a wife, mom, and now entrepreneur. During the height of a successful career in healthcare, I took a leap of faith and walked away to embark upon a journey that would challenge me and provide an opportunity to create a brand new future for myself. Incorporating my passion for community and my love for fashion, BriKel was born, named after my two amazing daughters, Brianna and Kelsie, pictured to the right.

The idea of this business was a dream for many years and after pushing away all my fears, my family inspired me to believe in myself. While my oldest daughter, Bri, is pursuing her dream of becoming a Dentist, Kelsie is completing her undergrad in Business/Marketing and will be working alongside of me and helping build our brand. 

Thank you for supporting our family and our small business. We are so glad you are here!


Angela & Kelsie